Crowd replication

Created by CJ in VFX on June 5th 2014


Eric Darnell
over 3 years ago
This is nice! I have never played around with Mocha but I here that is is awesome.
over 3 years ago
It often is, but there are also cases where it does a ridiculously terrible job at seemingly simple tasks.
Andrés Arosemena (A3)
over 3 years ago
Very good result!! Is the crowd just a still tracked into the original footage? (clone the people in photoshop and insert it as a single image)
over 3 years ago
It's a video of the crowd, cloned in AE. Might just as well have been a still, since you can barely notice any movement.
Andrés Arosemena (A3)
over 3 years ago
thanks for the reply. Great result.
Justin Scott
about 3 years ago
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