Rndr.co Logo Animation

Created by Eric Darnell in MoGraph on June 12th 2014

I made this animation for this lovely site. If any of you want the AI file and whip up an alternative animation just let me know in the comments. Tools: Illustrator, After Effects, Video Copilot Optical Flares

over 3 years ago
It's interesting. It might be fine for any generic logo. But for this company, I feel like there should be much more of a representation of what rendering actually looks like. The animation you have now just seems kind of arbitrary. Cinema 4D has a very nice looking rendering representation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF-OIPYzB2o&t=4m54s) that could be interesting, with all the little squares building out from the center. C4D also used to do the same thing from the top down, with squares going left to right, row by row, which could be interesting as well. Lightwave used to render (or maybe still does), row-by-row on a pixel level, from top to bottom. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6tDi8RkfHQ&t=1m49s) After Effects has the classic thin orange line, that moves horizontally from left to right in the render queue (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7Yi9dOm3r4&t=5m12s) Since the Rndr logo is blue, that orange progress bar might be a nice contrast, and would give a baseline to the animation. Maybe you could have the diamond animate on using C4D's render squares, (I'm thinking they could either start from the center and build outwards, or start on the top left edge of the diamond, and work their way to the bottom right edge of the diamond), and then the Rndr letters could animate on pixel row by pixel row, from top to bottom, like Lightwave. So you'd start with the orange progress-bar animating from left to right, and as that starts, the diamond begins animating out from the center, and as the progress bar hits where the "R" is in "Rndr" the text could start revealing from top to bottom, and then when the text is finished, the progress bar would reach the end of the logo to the right, and then it could just thin itself to nothing. Everything would finish "rendering" all at the same time. You could even get fancy at that point and have a little "sparkle" or "pulse" or something, if you want to get crazy. If you can post the .eps file of the logo, I'll try to find some time and actually do what I'm talking about.
over 3 years ago
Spent about an hour (I think?) on this: http://rndr.co/videos/122 - Just to illustrate what I'm talking about in the comment above.
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