Flat Woosh Glitch

Created by Alacrious in MoGraph, VFX on July 9th 2014

Put together a promo for a show. Communicate specials, etc. Cut+comp'd+delivered in 2 days. Recut vimeo clip, sorry for quality,

Eric Darnell
over 3 years ago
There is so much awesome in this clip! The glitches are a great touch. Did you use displacement map for those?
over 3 years ago
Multiple layers of block dissolve of varying intensity, alpha matte'd onto original footage and adjustment layers with Magnify, glows, blurs, the works. Played into the overall flat/geometry look as well so I kept it simple. You can see the dissolve stack best around the :10 transition.
Joe Nicklo
over 3 years ago
The "20% off" type flies off way too quickly. Glitches look cool.
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