Wireframe Overlays

Created by Alacrious in 3D Animation, MoGraph on July 31st 2014

Stylistic graphical overlays to pump the product. Shot with Jib, tracked, CAD model integrated for one, geometry autogenerated from track for other, graded. AE/Nuke

Joe Nicklo
over 3 years ago
Really cool. The shot of the overlay on the carbon fiber airbox gets a bit lost — probably due to the fine texture of the carbon fiber itself.
over 3 years ago
Yeah I didnt want it to be super strong in the shot because the focus is the product, not the effect. I alpha matte'd the footage on the wireframe and adjusted that result, instead of placing the white wireframe right on top of it.
Austin Saylor
over 3 years ago
It's so clean! Love it.
A mysterious stranger
over 3 years ago
Great job, Im trying to do something very almost exactly like this. Can you break some of the process down for me? I want to mocha track a jib shot of a car then reveal particles on the side of car as we jib up. Not sure how you achieved your 3d track with mask...?
over 3 years ago
If it's a particle system that acknowledges 3D I would just do a 3d solve and position the particles in z space correctly so you have depth and parallax through the cloud. The 3d crop on the wireframe can be done with a keyframed boolean parented to a camera in any 3d app. After you have it where you want it, precomp particles with a cam and Roto till it looks good.
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