Noisey Station ID

Created by Smo in 3D Animation on September 11th 2014

Station ID I animated for Vice's Noisey! Animated in Adobe Flash CS3 [2D Animation] Direction/Concept/Design/Animation: Smo Cleanup Assistant: Liz Keene @rizgigg BG Color/Additional BG Design: Justin Volz @jucetan Music [with permission] by: Man and Wasp. @shelbycinca

Eric Darnell
over 3 years ago
With this style of animation what is the secret to keeping the thickness of the black outlines around the moving bits consistant from frame to frame?
over 3 years ago
File under "Trade Secrets!" Ha! But basically you have to make sure you maintain camera/brush scale while you're cleaning up shot to shot, and clean everything up based on the outermost zoom of the shot [ie no scaling symbols without tracing back etc.]
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