Holo Building LookDev

Created by Mike Choo in 3D Animation, MoGraph on November 11th 2014

Another lookdev test. Basic artwork in Illustrator, then convert to shape layers, bit of trim paths, a couple of expressions for the 'depth' and a camera. Lovely. Comments welcome!

Dave Weinstock
about 3 years ago
I'm starting to dig into creating my own expressions. What type of expression did you use for the depth?
Mike Choo
about 3 years ago
Hey Dave! If I remember correctly I had something like index x slider for each group, then precomped and collapsed transformations. So create an adjustment layer or null, add a slider control then pickwhip that and multiply or add it by the layer index depending on the look you want. Make sure your controller layer is at the bottom of the stack, as the layer index is the layer number, so if you're adding to it and you've got layers above the artwork you might get an unexpected result. I Don't have the project file to hand, but I can post the actual expression if you want. Probably better to have a play - index can be quite a lot of fun and I'm just getting to grips with it :)
Mike Choo
about 3 years ago
Sorry, should have said the index expression was on the layers' z position property
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