Signal Noise Logo Reveal

Created by Eric Darnell in MoGraph on May 25th 2014

This is a quick logo reveal for I used After Effects & the Video Copilot Optical Flares plug in to achieve the look.

Jensen Abler
over 3 years ago
Pretty sweet look, imo. One thing that bugs me, is that in the beginning when you rack focus on the logo before the main reveal, the "dirty lens" effect does not rack focus along with it. If it were my project that's what I'd do. $0.02 for ya.
Eric Darnell
over 3 years ago
I'm glad you like it! I definitely should have spent more time on the rack focus.
Brian King
over 3 years ago
I like the sound design a lot. Well done.
Trent Armstrong
over 3 years ago
John Flores
over 3 years ago
Well done! Love it!
Eric Darnell
over 3 years ago
Thanks everyone!
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