Cyclops Test

Created by Trent Armstrong in VFX on May 30th 2014

So much Percy Jackson talk at my house inspired this test shot with iPhone and comped in AE.

Andrés Arosemena (A3)
over 3 years ago
Nice test. There is an issue with the eye's resolution though. I assume you scaled up the original eye, you can see it has a lower resolution (once scaled) than the rest of the footage. Maybe try shooting the eye separate in a closer angle to then scale it down and don't lose resolution.
Trent Armstrong
over 3 years ago
Good thoughts! I like the idea of the eye matching his natural movements, so it might just be better to shoot with a higher res camera.
Andrés Arosemena (A3)
over 3 years ago
Or you could shoot with 2 cameras at once. One on a wider angle like that one you used and another with a zoom lens more close on the eye. So both have the same relative movement (you would still have to track it a little because of the angle difference) and resolution.
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