TV show Bumper (Mi Recinto)

Created by Andrés Arosemena (A3) in MoGraph, 3D Animation on May 30th 2014

This is an animation I did to be used as a bumper on a tv show called "Mi Recinto". It's a mix between C4D and AE.

Trent Armstrong
over 3 years ago
Great move, great color, great text animation and treatment, and the water looks wonderful! The birds look a little stiff, though. Maybe an extra articulation in the wing or having them flap a bit faster. Something that can help is looping actual footage of a bird flying. Keep up the great work!
Andrés Arosemena (A3)
over 3 years ago
Thanks Trent! Yeah, you're right about the birds. I did them using particles in AE, I made just a simple 2d animation and added it as an animated sprite. This was done in a tight deadline and couldn't stop to refine those details. Thanks for the feedback!
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